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Feb. 2013.



Business arrangements with Miss Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic can be exclusively conducted via legal representation.

Please, address all matters through the Contact Page on this site.


July. 2013.


Here are copule of photograps of Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic from a recent shoot. With Stevan Stevanovic and Plameni Vitezivi

Please, address all matters through the Contact Page on this site.






still vitalone


July. 2013.


Here is couple of photographs of Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic from a recent shoot. Fascinators by: Dragan Smiljanic i Blackbirdfield Fascinators

still fasc 2Still fascin 1


Feb. 2013.


Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic, under alias “Sweety” and Serbian metal band Alogia had released a video clip for a song

"Izdaja" (Betrayal). off of a CD "Vreme brutalnih dobronamernika" (The Time of the Brutal Well-wishers).

Izdaja Video


Dec. 2012.


Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic with her band had performed 3 live numbers for TV Pink VIP Room show.

VIP Fant

"Fantsastic Journey" Live

VIp Miki

"Miki, Miki" Live


Oct. Dec. 2012. Jan 2013.


During last several months Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic appeared in numerous TV shows portraying her book



TV Kopernikus SVET+, Dec. 30th 2012.

Tv Vojv

"Plavi krug" , TV Vojvodina, I program, Jan.2013.

TV BN 26.

TV BN, Dec 26th 2012.


"ZA BEOGRAD", TV SVET+ Kopernikus, Dec. 20th 2012.

Jut progr TV Pink

Jutarnji program, TV Pink, Dec. 8th 2012.


Radio Televiziija Republika Srpska - RTRS, Nov. 26th 2012.

U trendu

"U trendu" TV Pink, October 10th 2012.


TV KCN SVET+, Sept. 2012


Oct. Dec. 2012. Jan 2013.


Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic promoted her book CIVILIZATION AND A WOMAN - MANLY WOMAN in several Serbian cities and book fairs.

b palank

B palanka

Backa Palanka




"Vulkan" sajam knjiga, October 2012.

B basta lozn

Loznica, Bajina Basta

Oct. Dec. 2012. Jan. 2013.


Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic gave interviews for many newspapers and magazines which had portrayed her new book


Mag Vijesti

Magazin "Vijesti", Podgorica, Dec. 3rd 2012.


"ONA" magazin, Dec. 20th. 2012. till Jan..20th 2013.

svet 1svet

"SVET" magazin, Oct. 11th, 2012


"BLIC ZENA", Oct. 2012.

Politika vec

Magazines "POLITIKA" and "VECERNJE NOVOSTI" , Sept. 2012.


8. Oct. 2012.


Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic at "FASHION SELECTION", opening runway show "Back to the Future". Alexandra with Scarlet Princess Morgan.

fash select

Fash sel 2

Fash sel 3


20. Sept. 2012.


On the 20th of September, 2012, promotion of Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic’s book

CIVILIZATION AND A WOMAN - MANLY WOMAN, Vol. I and II, released by Sluzbeni glasnik, took place at King Peter's House in Belgrade, Serbia

I i II tom

Eleven years had passed since Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic started her studious work on her book CIVILIZATION AND A WOMAN - MANLY WOMAN., Vol I and II. The book represents a combination of author’s authentic and encyclopedic literary work, written on 1732 pages in textbook format. Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic’s research and personal interests were the fields of psychology, mythology, religion, history, philosophy, sociology, art, anthropology, and ethnology, as well as other similar scientific disciplines. CIVILIZATION AND A WOMAN - MANLY WOMAN chronologically portrays woman’s destiny through the several thousand years long history, beginning with the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Judea, Greece, Rome and Byzantium, through the Middle and New Ages, to the Modern and the Postmodern Period. The author unveils women’s social role, personal achievements, exponential psychological and creative advancement and the woman’s true nature, through myths, religion, art, philosophy and science.

civili and wom mobil

     CIVILIZATION AND A WOMAN - MANLY WOMAN considers and analyses relations to the female principle, from the creation of mythological and religious thought, to the emergence of psychologically and socially integrated woman of the modern era. Author presents an outlook and provides evidence of women’s part taking, not only in civilization periods, but also trans-culturally, following the women’s influence over the development of societies of different structures and heritage. “From the very conception of the human thought, creation of mythological consciousness was related to the belief in creative principle, identified with a woman and her reproductive powers. Archaic consciousness of prehistoric man is closer to the natural and divine, than to the one of today’s man, who has strayed into the society of deceit. Book CIVILIZATION AND A WOMAN - MANLY WOMAN has emerged out of the need to create a modern myth that could provide revision and re-articulation of human emotional and social world. This time around, focus of that renewal is a woman, her participation, role, contribution and influence. One of the goals of this reading is that by analyzing mythological stories with the means and the knowledge we possess nowadays, we could uncover and shed light on the repressed dimensions of the mythical meanings.”

     By bringing forward her thesis of invocation of the new Manly Woman archetype, Alexandra presents an epochal and revolutionary new, ontologically potent and effervescent woman. She suggests vision of such a woman to become a “substitute for civilization’s lost myth,” proposing “the return of the faith in creation – return of the faith in woman ...

... Manly Woman archetype evolved through the change of environmental circumstances on one side and synthesis of archetypal meanings, arche-images and instincts on the other, which under the inner and outer pressure had transmigrated from collective into individual unconsciousness, consequently penetrating into the awareness and actuality of female being … The root of invocated Manly Woman archetype is the universal unconscious imprint of the wholeness of the female being which emulates trades of wisdom, creativity, emotionality, morality and nurturing.” This archetype represents a sum of woman’s potentials, synthesized into a symbolism of significant female mythical personalities, which appear integrated through the archetype invocation into a modern woman’s psyche. “Cosmogony forces usually identified with powerful goddesses happen to be unified into a totality of the female being,”

20 p[rom civili

Alexandra signing her book


Author and penelists: moderator Laura Barna, Natalija Micunovic, Sladjana Milosevic, Zarko Trebjesanin, Petar Arbutina

Civili participants and visitors

Participants and visitors

Civil and a Woman TV intv

Alexandra interviewed by Jelena Gajsek for TV Studio B

Alexandra at promtion with quartet Mozaik

Alexandra with musical guests, quartet "Mozaik"

Book CIVILIZATION AND A WOMAN - MANLY WOMAN could be purchased at Sluzbeni glasnik online store:

Vol. I

Vol II


6. Sept. 2012.



On the 6th of September, 2012, Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic’s book CIVILIZATION AND A WOMAN - MANLY WOMAN, Vol. I and II, released by Sluzbeni glasnik, was first presented to public at Press Conference, at Sluzbeni glasnik book gallery, Belgrade, Serbia



Editor, Professor PhD. Zarko Trebjesanin, author Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic and chief editor Petar Arbutina


Dec. 2011.


LEGALIZE FREEDOM, a song from Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic's 2000 "Animal Tested" CD release for UK label "Wastelands Unlimited" was re-edited and released in December 2011. Global television network RUSSIA TODAY had permitted usage of some of its documentary footage. Part of the video material was filmed by RTS (Radio television Serbia) and used with their permission. Video was re-edited by Nikola Vukanovic.

LEGALIZE FREEDOM is on TV rotation on RTS "Jelen Top" Charts as well as on MTV Adria EU .Watch the old and new versions of a clip: MTV Adria ORIGINAL

leg fre disc cov

Leg Free


21. Jan. 2011.


On the 21st of January Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic took part in the '200 Years of Serbian Police" celebration at Sava center, Belgrade.She had performed a composition "Under the Golden Sun of Serbia" with the choir and instrumentalists. The song was performed in the official part of the program, after Serbian Minister of Police Mr. Ivica Dacic, followed by the speech of Premiere of Serbia Mr. Mirko Cvetkovic. Present were Patriarch of Serbian Othodox Church Mr. Irinej, government Vice President Jovan Krkobabic, President of Serbian Parliament Mrs. Slavica Djukic-Dejanovic, Serbian Army General Mr. Miloje Milotic, Serbian government ministers, members of Interpol, Europol, delegations of Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Romania, high representatives of catholic and islamic confessions, and members of diplomatic core. Mr. Robert S. Miler congratulated Serbian Police on behalf of American FBI as did the Russian officials.

200 god policije performing

Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic and musicians performing at "200 years of Serbian Police” celebration, Sava Center

23. Nov. 2010.


Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic had shot several TV shows recently. Here are the pictures from shootings:

TV Studio B Still 2010TV Studio B Still 3 2010TV Studio B Still2 2010

TV Studio B Still 4 2010

TV Studio B, shooting of "Still" - show about fashion (photo: Jasmina Malesevic)


19. Nov. 2010.


Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic appeared at the annual celebration in support of URMUS (Union of Serbian Rock Musicians).

URMUS nov 2010

17. Nov. 2010.


Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic still writes her column “LEGALIZE FREEDOM” for Serbian newspaper PRAVDA, Her articles appeare bimonthly, in a two-day weekend issue. In her specific critical, yet constructive way, she tackles social, economic and cultural topics.
Column titles are “Talking about Justice”, “The Kitsch Planet of Serbia”, “Monopoly on Reality”,“Conflict of Interest”, "Depolitization of Culture",."Fallen 5th October Revolutionary" and the latest "
Euro Zone on Fire"  


PRAVDA logo ASM Leg Free

"Euro Zone on Fire"  pravda petooktparavd okt depolit kult


Sept / Oct.. 2010.


EUROPOPMUSIC web portal dedicated to the finest and the best artists of Europe, based in Holland had chosen Aleksandra Slaðana Miloševiæ 
to be the Artist of the Month. EUROPOPMUSIC editors had created Alexandra’s profile and regarded her as the artist before her time, recognizing her authenticity, placing her before Lady Gaga and similar artists that followed the Alexandra’s path. Her profile describes her as an innovator who confronts hypocrisy and other malice of society, a visionary who projects a different world. They
point out her fight against piracy and copyright infringement.  
EUROPOPMUSIC had translated Alexandra’s interview for Macedonian magazine „Utrenje“ and included it in her presentation.

EUROPOMUSIC  Artist of the month

6. Aug. 2010.


Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic is on the cover of Macedonian magazine "Utrenje". Cover is followed by her 4 pages interview which, according to the reporter, is a president in the 11 years long magazine’s practice.  

Utrenje Macedonia avg 2010

Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic on the cover of Macedonian magazine "Utrenje", Aug. 2010

Utrenje Macedonia Inside avg 2010

Interview, Macedonian magazine "Utrenje", Aug. 2010


June, July, August 2010.


Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic had written several texts for her column “LEGALIZE FREEDOM” for Serbian newspaper PRAVDA, starting from June 2010. Her articles appeare bimonthly, in a two-day weekend issue. In her specific critical, yet constructive way, she tackles social, economic and cultural topics.
Column titles are “Talking about Justice”, “The Kitsch Planet of Serbia”, “Monopoly on Reality”,“Conflict of Interest”.

PRAVDA logo ASM Leg Free

PRAVDA cetiri kolumne


July 2010.


The photographs from RTS (radio Television Serbia) TV shows had suddenly popped out from RTS Archive. RTS PR Department had sent these rarities to Miss Alexandra Sladjana personally. Unfortunately, over 1 000 of her TV performances were erased and lost. Maybe one day, we will be surprised if one of the videos reappears as did the photographs!

RTS Arch Gorim od zelje


8 RTS Archive Gorim od zelje 1979




. A2007414. Apr. 2007. pr. 2014. Apr. 200707

1.July 2010.


On the 1st of July, Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic performed several songs at the Metropolis Orchestra show, at Dom Sindikata in Belgrade. "Bez nade", "Oprosti" and duet "Princeza" were welcomed by the audience which was pleased to hear excellent orchestra, great songs and Alexandra, whom they greeted with ovations. Wonderful Ceca Slavkovic, Lena Kovacevic and Dado Topic were among other singers that took part in the show.

dok sind 1. jul 2010

Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic performing ballads at Dom Sindikata, Belgrade, July 2010

do sind jul 2010 autogr

Sladjana, signing autographs ( Dado Topic on the left), Dom Sindikata, Belgrade, July 2010


27. June 2010.


"Bike Rock Mission 2010 " two days humanitarian festival, took place in Kosovska Mitrovica at Kosovo. Hundreds of bikers and around 10 000 spectators enjoyed the two concerts on the 26th and the 27th of June. Alexandra Sladjana and her band did a great job entertaining Kosovo Serbian audience. Other bands performing were Yu-Group, Riblja Corba, Djordje David, Kraljevski Apartman and others.

kos mitrov

Alexandra performing in Kosovska Mitrovica, at Bike Rock Mission, June 2010


6. June 2010.


Duet Sladjana&Dado - Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic and Dado Topic had won the first award at "Pjesma Mediterana" (“Mediterranean Song”) festival in Budva, Montenegro. A winning ballad "Kad reci zastanu” (“When the Words Stop”) was composed by a legendary rock guitarist Josip Bocek and arranged by Ranko Richtman. Alexandra wrote touchy lyrics to this beautiful love song.


Alexandra Sladjana performing a winning song at Budva, June 2010


June 2010.


Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic was on LIFE magazine cover in Macedonia, in June 2010. There are 6 pages of her interview inside the magazine. The theme of the article was the graffiti in Belgrade, Serbia: “If Sladjana Milosevic did not exist, she should be invented”.

LIFE Macedonia June 2010

LIFE Macedonia inside June 2010

23. May 2010.


rts show

Show "Sladjana&Dado Live" was broadcast on the 23rd of May, at 8.30 pm on RTS (National Television of Serbia) Second Channel. The critics and the audience had noticed Alexandra's excellent live band, her singing and guitar performing as well as the amazing costumes. Her outfits were deigned by Croatian designer Tonci Mestrovic, Fashion Studio GETTO and by herself. Original plexiglas jewelry was specially designed for Miss Sladjana by the first Serbian designer, Vlasta Ivkovic. Sladjana played with her band for half an hour and besides that, performed their legendary duet "Princess" with Dado Topic.


RTS Neko je tu

Alexandra Sladjana performing "Neko je tu", RTS show, May 2010


rts sexy dama

Alexandra Sladjana performing "Sexy dama", RTS show, May 2010


rts amstredam

Alexandra Sladjana performing "Amsterdam", RTS show, May 2010


rts leg free miki

Alexandra Sladjana performing "Legalize Freedom" and "Miki, Miki", RTS show, May 2010


Mart 2010.


TV BHRT - Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, shot and broadcast Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic's half an hour live show, in their program titled "Kod kuce je najbolje". Alexandra Sladjana performed her hit songs and in a lengthy interview, reminded viewers of her versatile artistic work. She spoke about her old book "Adam Don't Get Mad" and introduced, soon to be published new book, titled "Manly Woman". The show was shot live and had a raw, rocky flare to it. Sladjana’s amazing costumes were designed by herself and a talented young fashion designer Mima Madzarac.

bhrt mima bhrt princ

Sladjana performing "Fantastic Journey" and "Princess", Mart 2010, TV Sarajevo

bhrt glava pink

Sladjana performing "Amsterdam", Mart 2010, TV Sarajevo


23. Feb 2010 .


In an old underground club "Sloga" in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Alexandra Sladjana and her band, performed an one hour long concert. Sarajevo audience was pleased to hear good old hit songs, as well as the new ones from Sladjana, the Yugoslav mega star whom they did not have a chance to hear for decades. Sladjana was equally thrilled to see old friends.

sar 23 feb 2010

Sladjana at club "Sloga", Sarajevo, Feb. 2010


Dec. 2009 .


Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic had recorded a spiritual Christian song "Mironosice" (Peace Bearers). She composed music to the lyrics of Saint Vladika Nikolaj Velimirovic Composition was released on an Easter CD release by Monastery "Djurdjevi Stupovi", in Kosovo. Video clip was later compiled with Alexandra's old photographs.

Mironosice front cover

Alexandra Sladjana's DVD - "Mironosice"


May. 2009.


Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic, under alias “Sweety” and Serbian metal band Alogia had recorded a song "Izdaja" (Betrayal). The collaboration happened as a result of Serbian poet Milan B. Popovic's efforts to produce a CD "Vreme brutalnih dobronamernika" (The Time of the Brutal Well-wishers). He had gathered the best and the most alternative of Serbian rock, where each of the 17 bands, composed a song to his lyrics. Sweety accepted collaboration with Alogia, whom she considers the best in this line of music. She collaborated with Milan B. Popovic on lyrics of “Izdaja” and co-wrote the music with Alogia. “The Time of the Brutal Well-wishers” may very well become one of the few legendary Serbian rock releases.

vreme brut dobro

CD "Vreme brutalnih dobronamernika" (The Time of the Brutal Well-wishers), 2009

Alogia izdaja

Sweety - Sladjana recording "Izdaja" (Betrayal), May 2009


23. April. 2009.


Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic was a - one day librarian - in a global "Book Day" celebration. The event took place at Biblioteka grada Beograda (Belgrade City Library) on the 23rd of April 2009. Alexandra Sladjana did not have a hard time adjusting to the role. While in school, she was a student librarian. Surprisingly, a great number of book lovers showed up. Along with Sladjana, several other celebrities took part, including a city Mayor.

Biblioteka grada Beograda 23 apr 2009 Biblioteka grada Beograda global "Book Day" celebration

Miss Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic - global "Book Day" celebration at Belgrade City Library (Biblioteka grada Beograda) April 2009

Biblioteka grada Beograda 3 23 apr 2009

Miss Milosevic at Belgrade City Library, April 2009


June, July, August, September 2008.


Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic had signed a record deal in the USA. Read press release:


Fearless Music Entertainment Group Inc.
Dba. Sonic Farm Production
Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.


      Fearless Music Entertainment Group has a pleasure to inform you that it has concluded negotiations with Serbian music star, Miss Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic on the upcoming collaboration and a release of Miss Milosevic’s new Album / CD for the U.S.A. market.
Business Agreement between two parties was signed on the 26th of June 2008, at the Offices of Fearless Music in Los Angeles, California, USA.
Our collaboration will be opening with recording and a production of Miss Milosevic’s Album (working title “Free Will Day”) for Fearless Music, USA in the company’s studio Sonic Farm Productions ( ) located in Los Angeles.
Aside from our highly regarded CEO, Mr. Boro Vukadinovic, whose business and music experience is a great asset to this project, we are also pleased to announce that the Adviser and a Consultant of the Master Recordings for Miss Milosevic’s release will be a reputable music industry wizard, Mr. Don Grierson, whose successful collaboration with globally renowned artists had brought him unprecedented industry respect.
Among our goals for Miss Milosevic’s release, is collaboration (duet / guest appearance) of the international music star in which regards we are planning to enter negotiations with several artists.
It is our expectation that collaboration with Miss Milosevic will bring about mutual satisfactory results for both parties.

USA Potpisivanje ugovora Fearless Music

Boro Vukadinoviæ and Alexandra Slaðana Miloševiæ
Contract signing 26th June 2008, Los Angeles, California



Tina Turner and Don Grierson

Don Grierson and Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic LA USA july 2008

Don Grierson and Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic discussing new deal, July 2008, Los Angeles, California


USA  A.Sladjana Milosevic in studio LA USA

Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic in LA, USA studio


8. May 2008.


Double compilation of Sladjana's 20 songs and 20 videos, titled "Fantastic Journey - 30 Years" was promoted on the 8th of May 2008, at RTS PGP record store, Makedonska street, Belgrade, Serbia. Hundreds of fans gathered in the street, hours before the short performance took place. Sladjana posed for the reporters and signed CD/DVD and autographs, for hours. It was a wonderful day of celebration for her and her faithful, wonderful friends and fans!

fant put may media 2008

Sladjana at her "Fantastic Journey" promotion

Fant put arrival

Sladjana's spectacular arrival to "Fantastic Journey" promotion, May 2008

"Fantastic Journey Citroen

Sladjana's spectacular - out of the car - arrival to "Fantastic Journey" promotion, May 2008

"Fantastic Journey" flowers

Sladjana with 100 roses at "Fantastic Journey" promotion, May 2008

"Fantastic Journey" promotion, May 2008

Sladjana posing for admirers and media at "Fantastic Journey" promotion, May 2008

Fant Your performance

"Fantastic Journey" performance, May 2008

Sladjana posing for admirers and media at "Fantastic Journey" promotion shampaign, May 2008

Champaign – Sladjana and Dragan Saranovic, PGP RTS marketing manager celebrating at "Fantastic Journey" promotion, May 2008

Fant put 8. may 6 2008 champaig

Sladjana and Mr Saranovic, at "Fantastic Journey" promotion, May 2008

Fant Your flowers

Sladjana entering PGP RTS record store at "Fantastic Journey" promotion, May 2008

"Fantastic Journey" autographs performance, May 2008

Sladjana signing autographs at PGP RTS record store - "Fantastic Journey" promotion, May 2008


"Fantastic Journey" posters


Jan. 2008.


Swedish - Serbian poet Eleonora Luthander is the author of the anthology "Alla skall skriva poesi 3" (Poeziju ce svi pisati 3) released in Sweden. She had made a selection of 63 Serbian most significant poets and poems and included Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic’s poem "Pitanje ropstva" (Matter of Slavery) as one of them. Ms Eleonora Luthander had translated Sladjana's poem into Swedish language for this purpose. Sladjana had found herself in the company of the most eminent poets like Branko Miljkovic and Stevan Raickovic.

Sladjana's poem in Swedish:


Jag red ut i öknen ,
lät min drift skrika ut .
För att kräkas ut den obehagliga frekvensen
              av civilisationens surrande .
Jag red ut pa hästen – ängeln,
som jag skyddade mellan mina ben,
ända tills den sparkade sönder min livmoder med sina hov.
Jag flög ur fagelburen,
snabbare än en film effekt,
för att ursinniga Falus, skulle ramla igenom kvarstaende spar.
Jag tvingade dem att rotera ,
och visa Nordpol med kärleks bär, som kompassnal,
följande doften av den rena livets korn  som jag bär.
Jag lämnade kvar sanningen till dem.
Att gräva ut den med fingrarna…
Tills de blöder.
Att deras navel spricker när jag paminner dem ,
under mina söta besök, pa natten
att galler star pa deras sida.


Sladjana's poem in Serbian:


Odjahala sam u pustinju,
da pustim nagon da krešti.
Da izbljujem neprijatnu frekvencu civilizacijskog zujanja.

Odjahala sam na konju – anðelu,
koga sam èuvala meðu nogama,
sve dok mi njegovo kopito nije probilo matericu.

Izletela sam iz kaveza,
brzinom veæom od filmskih efekata,
da pomahnitali falusoidi, propadnu kroz ostavljeni trag.

Naterala sam ih da se,
kao igla na kompasu,
ljubavnom bobicom zavrte ka Severcu,
prateæi miris èistote životnog zrna koje nosim.

Ostavila sam im istinu.
Da je kopaju prstima...

Do krvi.

Da im se pupak rasprsne kada ih noæu,
slatkim pohodom,
podsetim da su rešetke sa njihove strane.


Svedska antologija poezije Sladjana poem

Swedish poetry anthology "Alla skall skriva poesi 3" (Poeziju ce svi pisati 3), with Sladjana'a poem "Pitanje ropstva" (Matter of Slavery), Jan. 2008


25 .Dec. 2007.


RTS - Radio Belgrade Big Band Orchestra, invited Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic for a performance at "Kolarceva zaduzbina", Belgrade. The audience loved Sladjana’s jazz hits and greeted her with ovations. She also gave a lengthy interview for a USA, “Serbian Television Chicago”, IL.

kolarac 25 dec 2007

Sladjana's performance at "Kolarceva zaduzbina", Belgrade, Dec, 2007


14. Apr. 2007.


Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic appeared at the April 2007 Annual Belgrade Fashion Week. She had closed "GETTO" design studio runway show by performing a new track, techno-dance-metal compilation titled "Sweety Marmalade".The audience had greeted her with ovations.The media had an overwhelming response also.

Check the photos


13. Feb. 2007.


Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Serbia

Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic was granted a prestigious Government Award GOLDEN TOKEN and a Charter, delivered by the Cultural Union of Serbia („KULTURNO PROSVETNA ZAJEDNICA SRBIJE“) in collaboration and support of the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Serbia. The Award was granted to her for a long term contribution to cultural development of Serbia with the following statement:

“Cultural Union of Serbia
Is granting the

To Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic

For generous, devoted and continuing effort and creative contribution in spreading the culture. “

Miss Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic had the honor to deliver a closing speech on behalf of the awarded nominees.

See pictures

Ministry of Diaspora Republic of Serbia




Alexandra performed a 30 minutes Live set for a TV Pink Sunday show "Ribbon and a Tie" with her band . They played 4 newly arranged songs : "Recipe for Love", "Amsterdam", "Miki, Miki" and "Legalize Freedom".

See pictures




“Saint Sava Academy” at Sava Center

Composition “Under the Golden Sun of Serbia” an integral part of the self titled Ars et Norma Association’s project ( Miss Alexandra S.M.H. is a President of the Association), was performed on “Saint Sava Academy” on the 27th of January 2007, at Sava Center. An event was organized by the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Republic of Serbia and produced by Intermedia Network and MTS Co.
Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic performed the composition along with a collaborating group of musicians and "Obilic Quire" under Mrs. Darinka Matic Marovic conduction. Composition and lyrics were written by Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic and Goran Milosevic. Arrangement and orchestration are the works of Miss Milosevic.
Along with the host of the event, Minister of Education Mr. Slobodan Vuksanovic, present were distinguished members of Serbian public life, Serbian Prime Minister Mr. Vojislav Kostunica, members of Serbian Orthodox , Catholic, Islamic and Jewish clergy, foreign diplomats as well as representatives of domestic and foreign organizations and institutions.

See photos




Serbian Parliamentary elections were held in January. Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic took part in a Campaign and performed "Under the Golden Sun of Serbia" composition at the Democratic Convention at the "Arena Hall", Belgrade, Serbia, accompanied by her group and a Radio Television Serbia Symphonic Orchestra and Quire.




Alexandra played a 40 minutes outdoor concert at Knez Mihailova Street, Belgrade, Serbia. This was a first gig in a new line up, with much appreciated bass player Ivan Cukic.

See pictures




Documentary film „Nikola Tesla - Inventions“

After Alexandra Milosevic -Hagadone's documentary film „Nikola Tesla - Otkrica“ was translated into English, it was also translated and edited into French under the title „Nikola Tesla – Les Inventions“.
Documentary film was a part of Ars et Norma Association's has Project titled “Tesla the Man Who Changed the World”, within the “150 Years Jubilee Celebration of Tesla’s Birth”.

French version of a film premiered on January 19th 2007, as a part of an exhibition titled “Tesla’s Remarkable World of Electricity” at the “Serbian Cultural Center” in Paris, France.
Serbian Minister of Mining and Energy Mr. Radomir Naumov had opened the exhibition, along with Serbian Ambassador in Paris, Mr. Predrag Simic and Director of “Nikola Tesla’s Museum Belgrade” Mr. Vladimir Jelenkovic.

Documentary film was shown within the exhibition from January 19th, until February 19th 2007.


1. July the 10th 2006, Sava Center, Belgrade, Serbia at the Honorary Academy, “TESLA – THE MAN WHO CHANGED THE WORLD”, supported by the Government of Serbia Committee for the Tesla jubilee celebration

2. August 2006, Tesla’s 150 years jubilee celebration of Tesla’s birth manifestation in Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia, organized by the Government of Serbia Committee for the Tesla jubilee celebration

3. October the 2nd until the 6th 2006, autumn session of the Parliamentary Council of Europe in Strasbourg, France, organized by the Government of Serbia Committee for the Tesla jubilee celebration

4. October 2006, Museum of Electrical Museum of Miluse, France, organized by the Government of Serbia Committee for the Tesla jubilee celebration

5. October the 17th 2006, Serbian Chamber of Commerce, during the October Inventor’s Annual Celebrations 2006.

6. October the 29th 2006, “Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade” representation, at the Belgrade’s annual Book Fair

7. October 2006, “Nikola Tesla Museum", Belgrade, Serbia as a part of an ongoing exhibition

8. January the 19th until February the 19th 2007, exhibition “Tesla’s Remarkable World of Electricity” in “Belgrade Cultural Center”, Paris, France organized by the Government of Serbia Committee for the Tesla jubilee celebration

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Chamber of Commerce of Serbia

On the 17th of October 2006, Belgrade Association of Inventors, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, had organized “October Convention of Inventors for 2006”, titled “150 Years Jubilee of Nikola Tesla’a Birth”

The honor to open the Convention was conferred to Miss Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic.
Documentary film “Nikola Tesla – Inventions”, work of Miss A.S. Milosevic, was shown during the Convention’s program.
Miss Milosevic had also presented “The Plaque of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts” to Mr. Mladen Selak, successful businessman and an inventor residing in USA, whose Foundations grant scholarships to young inventors and talented pupils and students of Serbia.

The awards to the most successful team and individual inventors were presented by the eminent public figures of Serbian life, such as the President of Serbia Mr. Boris Tadic who had also given the opening speech, President of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and a Laureate of “Pupin’s Great Golden Medal for 2006” Academician Nikola Hajdin, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia Slobodan Milosavljevic, Minister for International Economic Relations Mr. Milan Parivodic and many respectful guests.

The awarded inventor’s achievements derive from the wide spectrum of fields such as business, science and arts.

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10.July. 2006.


“Tesla the Man Who Changed the World”

Honorary Academy program, titled “Tesla the Man Who Changed the World”, within the “150 Years Jubilee Celebration of Tesla’s Birth”was released on the 10th of July 2006 at Belgrade’s Sava Center.

Author of the scenario for the Honorary Academy was Miss Alexandra Sladjana Milosevic.

Miss Milosevic was also the writer, director and a music editor of a 17 minutes long documentary film on Nikola Tesla, titled „Inventions“, which had opened the program.

Ars et Norma Association, whose President is Miss Milosevic, had realized executive production of the program in collaboration with Bosko Buha Theater, Belgrade.

Honorary Academy was broadcast by the national TV, Radio Television Serbia. The program was globally transmitted via satellite.

At the Academy, present were respectable members of Serbian public life, such as the President of Serbia Mr. Boris Tadic, Minister for Energy Mr. Radomir Naumov, Minister of Culture Mr. Dragan Kojadinovic, EU representatives, “Nikola Tesla Museum” in Belgrade Director MrVladimir Jelenkovic and other honorable members of the diplomatic core.

The speakers of the official segment of the program were President of Serbian Parliament Mr.
Predrag Markovic and the President of the Serbian Academy of Science Mr. Nikola Hajdin.

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