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First literary achievement of Alexandra Sladjana M.H., with co-author Dr. Jasmina Malesevic "Adam Don't Get Mad", published by "Draslar Partner", was released on the 4th of September 2001. Alexandra S.M. as a director and a screenwriter, created an outdoor theatrical performance that promoted the book. 

  The people of Belgrade in Knez Mihajlova street enjoyed watching YU famous actors - Ljiljana Blagojevic, anssemble "Reinesance", Good Fairies dance, fanfare-players, drummers and the authors perform in a medieval setting. Unusual spectacle, culminating with Lilith(one of the characters) burning at the stake, was filmed and shown on every YU TV station.

  The official presentation took place in "Aeroclub" with literary authorities such as Prof. Dr. Ratko Bozovic, critics Velja Pavlovic and Dusica Milanovic.
The book was successfuly presented on "Belgrade Book Fair" in November 2001.

 One of the highlights of "Adam Don't Get Mad" release, is the commentary of one of the world most famous living authors
Paulo Coellho:    


"When I first met Alexandra in "97, I was struck by the boldness and originality of her self-expression. Then I spoke to her and quickly noticed her acumen and sharp wit. Over the years we've kept in touch, I've learned that Alexandra is not only a versatile and eclectic person, but a highly resourceful individual as well. She has something that I've always admired in people: a heart to dream and courage to make her dreams come true. I hope that this book will just be beginning of a long and rewarding writing career."

      The authors had already signed an agent's contract, covering global book market. Translation of the material is in process.

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